10 ways to use string lights to update your outdoor space

Throwing a party? Spice up your outdoor patio design with some good old string lights. It’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to dress up your outdoor space.

Here are some spots where you can place them:

  1. Across the patio
    This is the most common way to use string lights and it never fails to make a lasting impression on guests. You can attach the lights to anchor points like the rooftop, fence, or wooden posts, and let them hang across the patio in a straight or criss-cross pattern. You can also use them to break up the space if you have a large outdoor area.
  2. Across the roofline
    Attach some string lights to the eaves, shingles, and gutters of your roof. You can do this by using outdoor roof clips that can easily hold the lights in place. This adds a gorgeous luminous accent to your backyard party.
  3. Under a patio umbrella
    You won’t need a patio umbrella for shade during a dinner party, but it’s a great spot to hang some wonderful string lights. All you need to do is line the perimeter with lights. If you’re feeling fancy, you can line the underside of the umbrella by following the lines of the seams.
  4. Inside shaded structures
    If there’s a shaded structure in your outdoor area, like a gazebo or a cabana, give it a nice glow by hanging string lights on the inside. In case of a gazebo or pergola, you can use artificial flowers to adorn individual light bulbs. You can also line the perimeter with lights or hang them across the ceiling. This low-level lighting option is easy to do on your own.
  5. Over balcony railings
    You can wrap the light around your balcony railings or you can let them hang across the balcony wall. This lets you maximize your space while at the same time bring some dazzle to the party. You can also string them around the door to the balcony to emphasize its outline.
  6. Around a tree trunk
    Bring some sparkle to your backyard by wrapping the trees with string lights. It’s generally advisable to use white lights for an elegant and understated look. You can also create a chandelier effect by letting them dangle from some of the higher branches.
  7. Inside garden lanterns
    If you don’t have a lot of space or outdoor structures from which to hang your string lights, consider placing them inside garden lanterns. This allows you to bring some decor and illumination to the area. You can embellish the lanterns with elements that match the theme of your party, such as flowers for a bridal shower or confetti for a birthday bash.
  8. Around window frames
    You can accentuate window frames with string lights. Likewise, you can hang them from a second- or third-story window. The height and visibility of these windows create a dramatic effect and help to illuminate your home exterior.
  9. Over a pool or pond
    Hanging string lights over a body of water like a pool or a pond will add a nice touch to your outdoor space. The reflection of the lights on the surface of the water creates a romantic ambience. Just make sure that there’s a safe distance between the lights and the water, and that no one will be swimming in the pool during the gathering.

Experiment with different colors, bulb sizes, patterns, and placements when using string lights for your outdoor space. The design possibilities are endless.