6 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Handshakes after contract signature

In real estate markets wherein supply significantly outweighs demand, the best strategy for selling a house quickly is to lower its price. It’s not the be-all, end-all solution however – there are other ways to attract more potential buyers to a home without lowering the price.

Here are some useful tips on how to boost interest and get your home sold for top dollar:

  1. Rise above the neighborhood

    Want to make your home attract the most attention? Custom designs and additions are the way to go. Consider adding new landscaping, a new roof, or high-grade windows – anything to add more flair to your home’s aesthetics.

    Adding custom improvements can increase your home’s value as well, but be sure not to go overboard. Choose designs and colors that can complement your home’s other features, and go with improvements that can appeal to a wide audience.

  2. Get rid of the clutter

    When selling a home, your goal is to let potential buyers imagine themselves living in it. Some of the best ways to do this is to hide personal items like family photos, remove a few pieces of furniture to make rooms appear larger, and clearly define every room’s purpose.

    If you’re too busy, then you may want to consider hiring a stager. Although it may be expensive depending on your budget, stagers can create a huge impact on your home’s appearance, which helps make it more saleable.

  3. Price it right

    Setting an ideal price is a huge factor in selling your home. To help you come up with an ideal price, consult your real estate agent, or look at comparable homes online.

    Don’t aim to have the most affordable home in your neighborhood, especially if you’ve made several upgrades and improvements. Just remember that your listing price should not stray too far away from comparable homes available on the market. Try to imagine yourself as a buyer, and determine if the price you set for your home is fair.

  4. Enhance curb appeal

    Many home sellers tend to overlook the importance of having good curb appeal. When buyers set foot on your property for the first time, it’s likely they’ll immediately gauge a home’s external appearance, and see how it compares to other homes in the neighborhood.

    You need to create a good first impression. Give your exterior a fresh coat of paint, install new garage door, and make sure trees, plants, and bushes on your lawn are well-manicured.

  5. Give sellers a great deal

    Make your home more attractive for buyers by offering additional things or terms that may help sweeten the deal. Some sellers offer credit towards closing costs, or offer to pay everything completely. These bonuses can work towards your favor especially in a down market, as buyers will be searching for the best deals.

  6. Make your home move-in ready

    Your home’s appearance isn’t the only thing that’s important – make sure everything’s operational as well, including appliances, doors, faucets, and electrical outlets. Your goal is to give the buyer an impression that they can move right in and start their life in a new home immediately – something that may be difficult to do if they find things they need to repair.