8 flowers that grow perfectly in Southern California weather

White Poppy Flower Yellow Center Isolated on Black

Southern California’s hot, dry, and sunny weather can be tough on certain flowering plants, but is perfect for others. If you want to keep your garden blooming all year round, plant perennials that thrive in all seasons and produce stunning blooms with little maintenance.

Here are some of these plants:

  1. Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus africanus)
    This plant’s classic trumpet-shaped bloom often appears in late summer atop a base of clumped foliage that grows to three feet tall and wide. The flowers are deer-resistant and look great in containers.
  2. Santa Barbara daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus)
    A summertime wonder, this pretty blossom has a golden center and petals that start white then gradually turn pink or purple. Thriving in the sun or shade, it is a no-maintenance plant that grows to a height and width of three feet.
  3. Sea lavender (Limonium latifolium)
    Also known as statice, this drought-tolerant plant produces clusters of tiny purple and white blooms in clumps that grow to about 12 inches. It loves the hot sun and dry soil, and blossoms all throughout the summer.
  4. Bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis)
    This plant’s large distinctive leaves will look great in any garden and any season, but especially in the summer when it displays flower spikes that can grow to four feet tall. It grows on dry, well-drained soil and thrives well in partly shaded areas.
  5. Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri)
    Best planted in the fall, this perennial native poppy is sometimes referred to as the “fried egg plant,” thanks to its large yellow-centered flower with crinkly white petals. It easily spreads through underground runners, so plant along a slope to get a bountiful yield. It goes on dry, well-draining soil and under the hot sun.
  6. Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia)
    Better known as “Christmas berry” or “California holly,” this perennial shrub is a popular holiday ornament because of the bright red berry-like fruit it produces in the winter. This huge evergreen plant provides excellent screening and the fruit attracts hummingbirds, robins, and other avian species – though it can be toxic to humans. The “berries” start out as tiny white flowers that make their appearance in early summer, attracting butterflies and other insects. One trivia about this plant – the neighborhood of Hollywood was named after it, because of its abundance on the hills above Los Angeles.
  7. California fuchsia (Zauschneria californica)
    This mat-forming perennial plant adds vivid colors to a garden in the summer, producing bright red or orange blooms with a distinct, trumpet-like shape. The leaves are narrow and a bit fuzzy, and the plant spreads by runners, so it needs a bit of room. It grows to about two feet tall and wide, and thrives on full sun and dry soil.
  8. Desert mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)
    In the early spring, this evergreen reveals dainty cupped flowers in vivid shades of orange and red. The leaves are crenulated and somewhat fuzzy, with a silvery lining. It grows on dry soil and with a full sun, and needs to be trimmed after blooming. It grows to about two to three feet tall and two feet wide.

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