Holiday Celebrations at Old Town

It’s always a good idea to travel when the opportunity presents itself, especially when it’s to a place like Old Town in the SoCal city of Temecula.

A beautiful little town made popular by its one-of-a-kind stores, bars restaurants, souvenir shops and, of course,its famously delicious, locally made wines and brews easily found in the town’s many wineries, breweries, and tasting rooms.Since 2009, Old Town has pulled out all the stops to host the recently concluded annual food festival.

Missed it? There’s more to Old Town to explore during the winter months. Here are some Old Town events you may want to base your vacation plans on:

WINTERFEST in Old Town Temecula

Ongoing until February 28, 2015

As far as holiday spirit goes, there aren’t many towns out there that do winter holidays quite as good as the city of Temecula. Every year, come December, this beautiful boutique wine country gets into the holiday mood like no other – completelytransforming itself into a winter wonderland and the perfect holiday escape.

Temecula Chilled. That’s what the town calls its winter celebrations with activities that include tours to marvel at the town’s distinctive architecture, unearthing the rare find at any of the 10 antique and collectibles stores, and many more.

Holidays Twinkling Lights

Ongoing until January 4, 2015

Strolls through Old Town are made even more magical by streets filled with cheer and music, the smell of spices, and mouth-watering dishes in the air, complete with giant snowflakes and tens of thousands of twinkling lights shining nightly from November to January.

Snowbell Rockin’ Nights

Ongoing until January 3, 2015

Be captivated by the dazzling show of lights and music every Thursday to Sunday. A great show for the kids.

Matching the 30-foot tall musical Christmas tree on Main Street are holiday carols ringing from City Hall and bells perfectly synced to a mesmerizing display of stories projected right onto the City Hall’s walls.

Temecula On Ice

Ongoing until January 3, 2015

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy the holiday atmosphere as you glide on top of a 3,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art ice skating rink down at Town Square. View schedules, tickets, and more info here.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – December 31, 2015

December 31, 2015

Kick off the new year with a night of fantastic events held at various winery venues all over Old Town, featuring delicious eats, fine wine, and live performances that will help you start the year right.

Temecula Valley Restaurant Month

The whole month of January 2016

Foodies rejoice! Enjoy the best of Temecula cuisine in this month-long special celebration of unique flavors from the Temecula Valley. The event features over 20 participating Temecula restaurants. Check out the list of participating restaurants here.