Jeannie Kern

I am a 37 year mortgage banking Area Manager. My market is in Orange County. When I was shopping to list my home in Temecula I was very fortunate to find Marcel. I chose her for several reasons: 1). She has an excellent reputation in the community – her knowledge, customer service, and responsiveness throughout the transaction was second to none. Her authentic personality is engaging and very professional 2). She invests in her business by marketing herself through mailers, notepads, and magazines. From a business perspective (coming from a sales background) this spoke volumes to me in terms of her commitment to her craft. 3). She is a problem solver. A few complications arose during the transaction which could have threatened the sale, but Marcel went into action and provided solutions to ease concerns for both myself and the buyer. I will be utilizing Marcel again for the sale of my father’s home in Temecula in the next few months and would highly recommend her for any opportunity in the future. Thank you Marcel!