Temecula and Murrieta School Rankings

The schools in the Sothern California cities of Temecula and Murrieta are among the best in America.

In a study conducted by the U.S News and World Report, both cities ranked among the top 10 percent.

Among Murrieta’s high schools, 3 schools received a silver medal from the report. The following Murrieta schools and their rankings:

  • Murrieta Valley High School at #260 in California (1,191 nationally)
  • Vista Murrieta High School at #277 in California (1,294 nationally)
  • Murrieta Mesa High at #307 in California (1,397 nationally)

Temecula’s schools also scored silver medals for the following:

  • Great Oak High School at #226 in California (1,046 nationally)
  • Chaparral High at #259 in California (1, 188 nationally)
  • Temecula Valley High at #347 (1, 541 nationally)

To conduct this study, the U.S News and World Report partnered with the non-profit social science research firm RTI International.


Over 29,070 public schools in all 50 states were tested and analyzed to come up with the list. A total of more than 500 California schools were part of this study.

The schools’ performance was graded on their students’ advanced placement or international baccalaureate test data.

Other factors were also included such as the teacher-to-student ratio, and the students’ college preparedness.

Academic Excellence

Part of the evaluation also accounted for how the schools were educating black, Hispanic, and disadvantaged students.

On these counts both Murrieta and Temecula scored highly which proves that excellent education need not be had elsewhere.

It should be noted that extracurricular activities were not included in the factor of scoring. Some parties believe that if extracurricular activities were part of the metrics, the school rankings of Temecula and Murrieta would have even been higher.

Nevertheless, such high scores will reassure parents that their community continues to thrive in an area where excellence is a premium.