Temecula Real Estate: Step-by-step Guide to Selling Your Property

Handing Over the Key from a New Home

Handing Over the Key from a New Home

Selling your home is not an easy decision to make. But once you’ve made up your mind, it’s time to buckle up and make sure you go about the process with care to get the best possible results.

We’ve prepared this step-by-step guide to the home selling process to help you prepare for the journey ahead.

  1. Find a Realtor to work with

    While not required, working with a Realtor will give you a number of benefits that will help you achieve a successful sale. The Realtor can do the following things for you:

    • Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis to come up with an accurate listing price, taking into account the market conditions in the area, the price of similar homes recently sold in your neighborhood, your property’s condition and desirability, and other factors
    • Spread the word about your home through their network
    • Handle the complex documentation that comes with the process
    • Help you come up with a professionally done listing
    • Market your home effectively

    The Hensley Group are local experts who can help you sell your home to the right buyers. Get in touch with us at 951-252-9088 or send an email to marcel@thehensleygroup.net.

  2. Prepare your home

    Go over your property with your agent and, ideally, a professional inspector to identify repair and renovation needs. Keep in mind that most buyers will want a move-in ready home without having to worry about major repairs and fixes. You might also consider updating some of your home’s features to improve its resale value. Your Realtor will help you identify the most cost-efficient and value-enhancing upgrades.

  3. Stage your home

    Staging is not a required step but it can go a long way toward getting your home sold at the best possible price and at the fastest time possible. Professional home stagers know how to make a home even more appealing to buyers and look its best in listing photos.

  4. Market your property

    Your agent will play a big role in this process. They can:

    • Help you come up with a good listing using professionally taken photographs and well-written descriptions
    • Assist you in coming up with a marketing plan for your home and finding the best way to advertise to the right buyers
    • Get your home listed on the largest listing sites as well as their own website
  5. Review and negotiate offers

    You need to review each offer and assess not only the offer price but other terms as well. Some buyers might include perks like a higher down payment, a shorter closing period, paying for closing costs, and others. Check which terms would be most beneficial for you. You also need to review contingencies and how they may affect the sale. Issue a counteroffer even if you think an offer is too low. This will help keep the buyer engaged.

  6. Accept an offer and go to escrow

    After you accept an offer and sign a purchase agreement, the process goes to escrow. At this stage, the buyer will work on finalizing the financing and arranging for home inspections. If you haven’t moved to a new home, this is the best time to prepare for it. You also need to make sure every contingency on your purchase agreement with the buyer is addressed within the agreed upon period.

  7. Close the sale

    Once the buyer’s lender releases the funds to you and the title for the property is transferred to the buyer, the sale is considered close.

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